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Rymowanki w języku angielskim dla klas I-VI

Autorskie rymowanki dla uczniów klas I-VI.


Clap your hands
Snap your fingers
Nod your head
And touch your shoulders

Turn around
Jump three times
Point to your nose
And stretch your arms

Pull your hair
Breath in and out
Stamp your feet
But please do not shout.


A grey body, a small head.
- Is it a dog or maybe a cat?

Four legs, soft fur.
- Is it a lion or maybe a bear?

Short ears, a long tail.
- Of course, it's not a snail.

It runs very fast and hides in a hole.
- Are you sure it is all?

It likes cheese and lives in a house.
- Yes I know, it is a mouse.


Rectangle, triangle, square and star.
Colourful shapes that all they are.
We know them well, it is for sure.
They can be red, white or blue.
But where is the circle, can you tell me please?
Point to the place where the circle is...


My toys, my toys
I like them all.
This is my car
and here is my ball

My toys, my toys
are everywhere.
What is your favourite one?
I love my teddy bear.

My toys, my toys
are nice and cool.
They're in my bedroom
not in the school.

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